• Unique AutoFill function
  • Loft management
  • Export pedigree to PNG, PDF*
  • Access from anywhere
  • Tablet & smartphone support
  • Shareable pedigrees
  • Daily data backup

Coming soon

  • Relatives on datasheet
  • Pedigree-style data entry
  • Calendar for breeding
  • Descendants for pairing
  • Race results
  • More pedigree style
  • Import from other programs

System Update

Dear Users,

We are going to update the core system of Pigeonped. We have to temporary shut down our services to achive this.

The site will be unavailable for the next few days from Saturday (18th September) 0:00:00 UTC.

Loft Manager works again

Developments of loft manager:

  • Now you can create breeding seasons - one or more for every year
  • You only can select pigeons for breeding which are already in the database
  • You can add the laying date so you can easily replace a broken egg with a same age one
  • You can add the ring number to a youngster and give additionaly information and it's pedigree is just ready to use. The ancestors are already added by the loft manager.
  • You can see up to 50 events in every nest, in every season. If you change the dame or sire for a second breeding you can see this change even 10 years later. Every other information is also available forever.
  • You can add past seasons which are on papers or written in notebooks. Just create a season for this. You can add the significant informations like pairing and we keep it for you forever.

Planned developments:

  • A preview for the new pigeon's pedigree, right after you select the dame and sire.
  • You can share this preview pedigree just like the other ones.

Update - 2014/04/09

Changes in this update:

  • Pedigree export to PNG (may not supported by all browsers, but most of them; tested on Chrome for Android / Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Chrome for Windows 7)
  • New menu style for operations (top-right links, like add pigeon, edit, autofill etc).
  • Collapsable operation menu (if too much options)
  • Social network sharing for pedigree (directly; facebook, Google+; not perfect on smartphones)
  • Short & direct link to pedigree (for send in e-mail or even sms)
  • Now always load the lastest version of files (for properly working application)


The last few days we changed a lot of things. The following are some sentences of these:

Print pedigree

The pediree page has changed, so not everyone knows how to print the pedigree now. As before, the page on which the pedigree appears simply to be printed. Do not be confused by that it's a menu, a logo on the site! Only the pedigree will be printed on the paper!

The documentation also have a few sentences about this.

Pedigree theme

To date could be selected before opening the pedigree to what you want. From now the pedigree immediately opening. By clicking on the Theme you can choose another look.

We changed it because you can set the default theme in the My Account menu (soon). You do not have to choose every time.

Inbred highlighting

We made the inbred highlighting for pedigrees. If a pigeon is on pedigree multiple times, then it will highlighted with different background colors. It works up to 6 pigeons.

Sample >>

You can change this behavior in My Account menu.


We started to write documentation for the program. Also made some how-to videos, which will be uploaded soon.

Other modifications

We changed the contact menu. Now it's simplier. Some display gliches fixed and we made technical modifications mainly in language switching, pedigree theme selector etc.

Welcome on PigeonPed!

We are pleased to inform everyone that after much preparation you open the latest version of On-Line program pedigree.
The most important change to the existing program that has been globalizing the database.

The pages are currently being prepared and will be presented more in this revolutionary new feature!
The essence of is that if someone somewhere in the world once already added a certain ring number to the database, then do the same the following people will not have to enter, simply can copy themselves too.

Just think "Koopman - Kleine Dirk" and its parents how many times listed in sheets of pigeon breeders already so it is sure that someone added. The data and photos transferabily altogether!

SO HALF AS DATA AS WOULD BE to type, because other might have done for us!

Will soon inform everyone about the updates.


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