IF20-30VDB – Pedigree

AU17-RRV0872 / BB
"Top Dog"
Ras: Schaerlackens
Brdr: Meyler Loft, James Brashaw

Schaerlackens parents. Hoosier YB 2017, 329/989b 350m, 318/1331b Ave.
YL 2018, 13/242b 300m, 47/192b 500m, 57/323b Ave.
OB 2019 – 21/427b 150m, 19/416b 200m, 25/408b 300m, 77/366b 400m, 221/338b 500m, 92/485b Ave
"Little Ouija"
AU17-TWOB17116 / BB/SP
Ras: Clark Janssen/Devriendt
Brdr: Two Be Won

Hoosier YB, 26/1229b 250m, 188/989b 350m, 80ave
OB18, 9/229b 27 daybirds 400m, 43/192b 500m.
OB19, 58/366b 400m, 37/338b 500m Day Bird, 17/338b Ave
Van Den Bossche Loft This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.207268216904350 Litchfield, PO Box 233, UNITED STATES, Maine

AU13-13059TBW / BCH
Ras: Clark Janssen
AU15-15024TBW / BBWFPD
Ras: Devriendt
out of 830/408 Devriendt

Ras: Clark Janssen
AU03-336WBT / BB
Ras: Clark Janssen
Granddaughter of "Blue Beard"