• Unique AutoFill function
  • Loft management
  • Export pedigree to PNG, PDF*
  • Access from anywhere
  • Tablet & smartphone support
  • Shareable pedigrees
  • Daily data backup

Coming soon

  • Relatives on datasheet
  • Pedigree-style data entry
  • Calendar for breeding
  • Descendants for pairing
  • Race results
  • More pedigree style
  • Import from other programs


The last few days we changed a lot of things. The following are some sentences of these:

Print pedigree

The pediree page has changed, so not everyone knows how to print the pedigree now. As before, the page on which the pedigree appears simply to be printed. Do not be confused by that it's a menu, a logo on the site! Only the pedigree will be printed on the paper!

The documentation also have a few sentences about this.

Pedigree theme

To date could be selected before opening the pedigree to what you want. From now the pedigree immediately opening. By clicking on the Theme you can choose another look.

We changed it because you can set the default theme in the My Account menu (soon). You do not have to choose every time.

Inbred highlighting

We made the inbred highlighting for pedigrees. If a pigeon is on pedigree multiple times, then it will highlighted with different background colors. It works up to 6 pigeons.

Sample >>

You can change this behavior in My Account menu.


We started to write documentation for the program. Also made some how-to videos, which will be uploaded soon.

Other modifications

We changed the contact menu. Now it's simplier. Some display gliches fixed and we made technical modifications mainly in language switching, pedigree theme selector etc.

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